Jean-Paul Jérôme’s work continues to be shown both nationally and internationally in order to preserve and expand the influence his art has had on both connoisseurs and those for whom it has provided an opportunity for reflection and been a source of inspiration.

  • The documentary film “Jean-Paul Jérôme : Color, Light, Form”, will finally be unveiled to the public. The film is directed by André Desrochers who is also known for his director role in the film pertaining to the Canadian Plasticians movement, “L’Intuition intuitionnée”. “Jean-Paul Jérôm : Color, Light, Form” is a testament to Jérôme’s distinct approach to art and his life’s journey in the pursuit of his artistic legacy. The film was featured among the Official Selection of International Festival of Film on Art 2018 (FIFA) ( and the World Premiere will take place on March 16, 2018 as part of the Montreal FIFA. Due to high public interest, FIFA 2018 has also generously extended the Premiere with an additional feature presentation.

    The 2018 Montreal FIFA will be held from March 8 to 18, and “Jean-Paul Jérôme : Color, Light, Form” is distributed internationally by Jérôme Art International.

  • The renowned Joliette Art Museum, under the leadership of Executive Director and Chief Curator, Jean-François Bélisle, has announced the exhibition featuring the work of Jean-Paul Jérôme as part of the Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 season program. More details to come.
  • Jean-Paul Jérôme’s work will be presented at the renowned Canadian and international art auction put on by BYDealers Auction House in Toronto on May 31, 2018; The auction will be held at the Glean Gould Studio (CBC).A pre-auction exhibition will be held in Toronto (May 26-31 / Metro Toronto Convention Center) and Montreal (May 17-21/ Location to be determined)
  • Following the success of his last exhibition entitled “Jean-Paul Jérôme’s Inks 1969-1970” held in winter 2017, an exhibition that featured a period of Jérôme’s work that has until now been unrevealed by the artist, the Simon Blais Art Gallery in Montreal has included an exhibition on Jean-Paul Jérôme to its 2019 calendar. More details to come.