This website is inspired by the monumental works of Jean-Paul Jérôme. We want to thank the artist for his lifetime creative achievement, his passion for the Plasticiens movement, his contribution to the evolution of the arts in Canada and for the wonderful inspiration we can draw from his brilliant artistic career.

Our thanks to all the collaborators, parents, friends, collectors and museums who have helped us in the fulfillment of this project with their expertise and by sharing their souvenirs and archives in addition to the personal archives of Jean-Paul Jérôme.

We also want to sincerely thank the following persons for their special contributions :

Alain Desrosiers, Dave Savard and the team of Studio 021
Design and production of the website

André Desrochers, film producer
Pour les extraits du film “L’intuition intuitionnée”

Jérôme Langlois, musicien
For the excerpts of the movie “L’intuition Intuitionnée”

Bernard Courteau, friend of Jean-Paul Jérôme, poet and writer
Texts and translation

Annie Dupuis

Fernand Toupin, RCA
Louis Belzile
Céline Belzile
Charles Veilleux
Musée du Bas Saint-Laurent
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke

Our thanks to all of you who, by looking at this website, contribute in keeping alive the legacy of Jean-Paul Jérôme to the universal and everlasting world of artistic creation.

Jérôme Art International