Abstract art in Canada owes its existence to a few important painters who, with the writing of “Prisme d’Yeux” (1942), “Refus global” (1948) and the “Manifeste des Plasticiens” (1955) have contributed to its creation and expansion, painters whose works are so outstanding that they must be shared on the national as well as the international cultural stage.

Thanks to their innovative works, these creators have paved the way for a great number of artists who have been able to pursue their own individual fulfillment in the art world.

Jean-Paul Jérôme (1928-2004), co-founding member and author of the “Manifeste des Plasticiens” is one of those inspiring artists.


Jean-Paul Jérôme mandated the administrators of his works to ensure that in the future, his works be transmitted on both a national and international level, in order to preserve and amplify the impact that it has had on art lovers and all others to whom it has served as an object of reflexion and inspiration.

Jérôme Art International Inc.

Represented by: Robert Jérôme.

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