A wooden cut out painted sculpture,
the only one with such a delicate fullness,
here seen wreathed in its graphic plenitude,
by a minute inversion of its black and white stripes
slicing through the volumes
according to the whims of the visual enticement.

Thus, the vigorous solid paintings
are thoroughly made pregnant with deep sweetness and sun.

The incurvations and relief
are the substance the mystery
of angles and wide shapes is made of.

the harmony evolves out of the relation
shapes have to the ones they join with,
shading themselves from space.

The urge to live opens on magnificent colours
for these itinaries are so moving
in their intended mechanisms of time
made to translate the utmost beauty of the circular gesture.


An endless variety of the volumes and of their rythms
clings to the being of a world and to a new joy
in a universe that seems to have been freed from any gravity.

Tridimensional, offering itself to all the dreams possible,
the magical encounter of the coloured surfaces
rules over a cluster of stars.
Through a gap slicing the whole of the structure,
each day lets its joy seep into the heart
as on the four or six sides, in its stance.

The bouquet mixes with the yearning that stands within
the most native border the night star is lit with.
there is a goal to the stellar poetry
and since the key is warden to the creation of dreams…

On a rhythm and on its axis, for ever,
emotions come atop the realm of imaginary worlds
the sculpture of which opens, tinted with a smattering of exoticism,
here and there amongst wide vertical stripes.

The sculpture has the looks of a sparkling structure…
and a verdant one.

Jean-Paul Jérôme
« La Batelière » studio, Varennes
January 28, 1993