The Colour – The Light – The Shape

On a spaced-out composition, « spurts » of sun.

It is an organic feature,
within the rythm of a structure and of a mighty shape
through th espace of a bright transparency.

Then, through the vivid and magnificent colour
especially with the use of contrast
and the acute flawlessness of the harmonious movement,
the vibrancy of the radiant components comes forth.

The spatial beauty of the parts
scatters itself the way the bow wraps around a cluster of stars
the foregroung shapes of which sway in a deep motion.

The matter breathes the air of a space,
as smooth as a mother-of-pearl and as vivid to the eye.

It shines like a celestial star
an dit dazzles the depth of a feeling
as does the pictorial time the dream has stopped for a short stint,
shaped by an itinary on the great silences of the vast figures.

From now on, some creations shining among the golden springtime
rest enclosed within the huge quivering setting of the empty canvas,
secretly evolving so as to become hospitable,
heady with a running gamut well provided with solid colours.

Joy, happiness and life seep through the colour, the light, the shape…
like a song as a rendition of what stems from heart and imagination.

Jean-Paul Jérôme
« La Batelière » Studio, Varennes
April 1st, 1994