After moving to Varennes in 1989, Jérôme’s work took a new turn. It was a new start for the sexagenarian. With his ultimate mastery of form and the spectacular arrival of bright colour, this flourishing period, both in the quantity of the output and the quality of the work, marked a distinctive phase in Jérôme’s career, a final outcome of previous influences and tendencies. Since he returned to Montréal in 1994, he has continued in this creative vein. The 1999-2000 collages show, despite the fundamental importance of colour, the ever-present necessity of the structural arrangement of forms in space. A necessity on which we shall let Jean-Paul Jérôme himself conclude with all the freshness of his fifty-year career.

With the series of vibrations, the creative impulse fashions works of art like a kind of joy brightened by the free movement with animates the flat surface in the wake of the cut-out grooves in the paper itself.(19)

Charles Bourget
Guest curator

(19) Jean-Paul Jérôme, Découpages-collages 1999-2000, Atelier de l’Antre-Lumineux, December 20, 1999