The sculpture grafts shapes
and etches the landmarks of the vibrating colours
with the help of time, the inaudible far away vibrations beat time
within the dreamer’s… meadows.
It slashes time and space into the movement
of a perfect polychromy
to transform its sun within the work,
on the modulation of the edges while shaping the early stages of the chords
in the midst of the joy and the blue tinted meadows
of its palms kept in memory
harmoniously as above the day or the time that breaks off.
the light emerges from it, filled with happiness,
and being hypnotic it sways
according to the rhythm the artistic beauty of the lines is toned with.

It is life seen in a new way, slicing through the fears
across their sparkling wake, on the sea of freedom.
Some unceasing sculptures give the impression there is a volume< within the range of the original beauty, wrinkling the motionless substance of its mysterious structure which requires the gleam from thousands and thousands of strange shapes... through the channels of imagination. The sculpture links the silences to the magnetized feast of the constellations in a luminous ray, to draw out of the random sharpness a formal or spatial relation as a creation somewhere between the movement and the colours in their infinity.

Jean-Paul Jérôme
« La Batelière » Studio
Varennes, July 1992