The « Tourennes » of the Winds

A blazing polychromatic sculpture
made of high-voltage pinewood fiber
escapes from balance
to put forward the pleasure and imaginative precision
of a eurythmy subjected to the consistent desire.

to translate a young universe this way, like a jubilatory celebration.
Hence the coloured sign, to the rythm of the haunting universe
within which the volumes mix with the primary colours,where each painting must assert the utterly supreme beauty and implies a range that spans beyond the everlasting worlds…
inasmuch as :
through a contemorary world vibrating with emptiness and space,
on a background of mirrored togetherness,
made able to explore an « opaline » substance
from all sides of the flat surface
that goes through light and as carnivals are laid out
through a tangent plane, out of colours and shapes
so glitteringly sculptural.
they escape through viviv reds, yellows, blue-greens and blacks.

It is in a superb merging into one another, made magic already
with colours intended to reach for
the tangible and the degree of spatial, dynamic magnificence,
that a standing structure strenghtens the motions,
to the heights of a poetic and theatrical incline.
The musical shapes can clearly escape…
beyond the boundaries of the eyes, up to the soul and the realm of the dream.

The impassioned inner vibrations of the flowering lines
are responsive to the motion of an internal strutured surface.
They simultaneously act in vertical stripes : black, white,
melt all mergings with space and universe,
undoubtedly give some fullness between metamorphosis
and tones the solid coloured surfaces shape,
the curvature of the components and the object,
sensible to the whole of the sculpture, hold forth.

In the same way as a heady plastic euphoria
the edge surges harder and sharper yet.
It’s under steadiness, the marking out of the long universal lines
the movement of which draws up on the solar angles of the arched wood…

at the same time, the sculpture harmoniously stresses
the vivid colourful reliefs.
It asserts the amount of physical rationality, the shapes
and arranged sonority of which are embodied
in the whole in a tangible way.

The movement aims at a full harmony
for an echo from childhood to be heard and towards
a spellbinding journey
where the imagination draws its strenght from,
on the interplay volumes and hearty colours enter into
like a permanent presence of a song.
The one from the passion of the innermost ire for the pleasures of love.

An energetic drift runs across the whole of it
and the fervent feeling experiences the magnitude of lines,
be they straight or curved :
frenzy of the extatic joy from perpetual deep colours.
There stands out a shift within the « sudden path of flight »
the fleeting eye drives in motion from having
on each side caught sight of
its play of shapes pieced out amidst
the geometrical planes,
and a further shift stemming forth out of
a seemingly multiple painting
where the parts are facing one another
in an eremetical peacefulness
from which surge the sheer sensory « teeming colours »
the strongest entrancing tones of which
split asunder the smooth surfaces of the volume
according to the three dimensions,
whether bright or fancied.

The interspersed gaps that cling to the whole
of the plastic-oriented shapes
the brillance of which blends into newly sprung flowerings
while the eye reads the delicate rythms within the reliefs
and the lines coming in and out of such depth.

The impact is increased in a series of alternations
within the mirroring light
so that sturdier and bulkier be the whole.
The transmutation of the components
and some sectional assemblages
lead to an extremely precise completion.
and everything comes out to its absolute fulfilment
within the moving vertical structure
through a purely formal secret dance towards the sun
where the flowing palpable colour soars.

Imaginary « volumes » intricately blend with the body of bright shapes
when an almost magical jubilatory air, of angles and relations,
is laid down in a colouring spell.
a perpendicular section sings all over as it girds the sculpture around
with the purely plastic look of its delicate fullness.

It is through the depth of a circular flow
applied on its simplified surging angles,
the mighty stature of which finally rules over the space…
though the light be under the sway of the eye
and the life span lie close by,
like a conical body throughly instilled with air and blood
to be converted into the sedimentary metamorphism…
of a likening,
the outcome of such a ratio of angles
beyond any strictly gladiolated language wheelwoork,
underneath which the « sculpture-object » is to be seen
with its rounded up and squared out shapes.

The colour revivals slowly come up to alter
the metaphysics of surrealistic dream-laden constructs.
We are here facing a tremendous discovery
where plastic thoughts do breathe,
and, in the midst of an eruptive substance, the random escape
of a scaled-out instant
a balance felt for but a stint
and the birth of stern lines that unfurl,
as if a composed stance were to warrant the angular optical
outcome to encompass a spreading out of strength

plays and hits in full heart and like a spur slithering into the body.
the sculptures stand fast against the forceful winds of the weeks…
under the works of a strict conduct aimed at being widened
under the works of a strict conduct aimed at being widened
up to a free system to keep in line the most fugitive violent feelings,
but, like a captivating object,
lost amidst solar joys keeping the promise of a blinding quality.

As a dream of quietness brings to light the blue of the ego at stake,
the expanded yellow streak circling the sunny morning
lenghtened like a sunflower
in full span but wrapped in an extensive plainness, this dream is a fountainhead of greater a warmth than the loving heart,
to the magnetic flow of a strange experience, as penetrating
as trodden through.

Which expects everyone to catch sight of, sense and, while being imbued with,
to reach to the basic sources within a colouring woof,
rumbling on an other star in such a way
as to make its curves dazzingly spurt
to smoothen up the time that rushes backwards
and to assess in there the very high and moving optimal shrewdness
with an eye to the glow of a new world.

Thus, a section that sparkles as fire does and the vividly expanding mind
upon which the eye quickly rests :
through the bright flame-ripened blinding play.
It is the metamorphosis which,
glorified through a series of right angles posted on the lookout,
gives the unsettledness its floating look, to the setting of time,
in front of an unreal volumetric construct.
an imaginary world for an instant makes
the whole gamut of its surrounding feelings come the full circle.

White sculpture flowering in the midst of the day,
it embodies the dream, unbelievable as well as highly formal,
which sings to the magnificence
and which mostly, as children do,
aims at grasping things with both hands, with an equal eagerness
to witness, within the off chance balance of a process,
such a thing of beauty achieved in such a way.

The sculpture grafts shapes
and etches the landmarks of the vibrating colours
with the help of time, the inaudible far away vibrations beat time
within the dreamer’s… meadows.
It slashes time and space into the movement
of a perfect polychromy
to transform its sun within the work,
on the modulation of the edges while shaping the early stages of the chords
in the midst of the joy and the blue tinted meadows
of its palms kept in memory
harmoniously as above the day or the time that breaks off.
The light emerges from it, filled with happiness,
and being hypnotic it sways
according to the rythm the artistic beauty of the line is toned with.

it is life seen in a new way, slicing through the fears
across their sparkling wake, on the sea of freedom.
some unceasing sculptures give the impression there is a volume
within the range of the original beauty,
wrinkling the motionless substance of its mysterious structure
which requires the gleam from thousands and thousands of strange shapes…
through the channels of imagination.
The sculpture links the silences to the magnetized feast of the constellations
in a luminous ray,
to draw out of the random sharpness
a formal or spatial relation as a creation
somewhere between the movement and the colours in their infinity.

Jean-Paul Jérôme
« La Bateliere » Studio
Varennes, July 1992