Painting is the presence of a permanent harmony to me, dwelling at the very core of the « realm of the sacred » and of the love for the colours to come… With all its native might, its huge cut out « arches » similar to monumental vaults thrown over universes, this way of painting bursts open to joy as it changes into a world of magic.

From blacks to reds, through its sources, its pulsions to build a new world in the midst of the vibrant colours, through its gyrations beyond time, the voyage soars to a more lyrical level and, for a time, the eye escapes from the screams surging from the heart and the soul. The sheer abstraction, with its volumes through which the solar machinery is strewn all over, delves in a daylike manner into the glassy substance.

The halted time finds itself dancing on space; the present and the past put their stances into action within the rythms and the meanders of the shapes. The wonder shines from the solar radiation and encompasses the whole, spreads on the prismatic shards facing the eye, and makes a racket within the canvas… shaking adrift, by the same token, the surfaces previously made solid with colours.

The invention is formal and its shapes set within a language that rings around nothingness, among deep layers of minutely painted colours.

In the midst of the obsessive circles, the movement ceaselessly whirls and whirls again. The black lines are drawn with a ruler and a pair of compasses but the mind phrases and feeds the fire of infinity to set the rhythm and stretch itself over the timelessness of the white brightness.

Like the elements feeling drawn one to another, which enhances the rite with their framework, a bright stained-glass window surges in it up to this world where peace and love are the ultimate apex of a remembrance. And indeed, the vibrancy bears, within the folds of the movement, the soul that smacks of the Middle-Ages. The bare canvas opens on a colourless watery sky.

Such a plastic discovery lies at the very heart of a dynamic and well orchestrated improvisation for, through the gesture, it ceaselessly yearns towards the creative impulse.

The colour sings between life and dream.

It is the poetry of a Pact with the Sun.

Jean-Paul Jérôme,
“La Batelière” studio
Varennes, March 1991