Presentation of my latest 1987 paintings

I want to open a visual field,
A swathe to cut through the solar space
The way the light clears its path to play on the shores of now.

Pretty much in love with the fullness of the movements,
The flamboyant colours are bursting with joy into motion…

The rythm wraps around the shapes
On a renewed space
As this moment of powerful freshness
Wafts prominent and strong
Like the breath of a seaborn wind…
And, within the vibrating structure of the whole,
The colours, in full joyful smoothness,
Have wings ready for taking flight !

The moving surface has
a sensitive and delicate balance :
From emotion… and silence.

These meanderings are brought to light by the eye
In the very substance of the colour
Every part of the whole takes its shape from.

These places are my architectural constructs…
Beyond the infinite-surfaced time
Where the duration of the sun is planned.

Jean-Paul Jérôme
March 27, 1987