When a new painting is deemed to be at its purest and brightest,
harmoniously built with the beauty of an integrated whole
and lit all over thanks to its components.

When everything is adventure of the mind
and that, way within the darkness, the light speaks
of the third dimension that holds tight inside the motion
space pours itself out with.

The realm of amazement is rife with heartful constructs
on intimate erosions of the feelings
within the interstellar coloured substance
between the balanced stars.

When space is filled with joy-generated action ;
the strenght of the colour glimmers
as it structures the vivid distance.
The all-dynamic vibrancy reaches time’s cosmic dimension.

The bursting out is decisive as it borders the soul
and would be in the magnitude of an in-depth surge
and of its hypnotic power.

the joys in painting are of many colours.
and boundless is the glitter.

with love, to paint without saying anything with words,
progressing forever within light,
tracing its lines on the whiteness of the substance.
The painter, quivering with pleasure or with fear
breathes at the colours as if he were at the sources of the dream.

the painting is left to glitter,
in the mysterious silence of the morning.

In the maze of the ruby reds and the golden yellows,
through the frenzy of the deeper colours and
the blue tints of a broken sea.

The planes-angles wrap themselves into syncopated rythms
around the flapping of the shapes, the architectonic dimension.

a stridency vibrates above the lines
on its way to melting down in us.

the eye escapes from the muddled night streaking to the sun,
crossing the face of the time that is
and in its tangle,
shines a pictorial structure, blazing with a cristallized fire
the greatness of which rises in its native might.

Jean-Paul Jérôme
Sunday, August 22, 1993