A 1957 painting resurfaces in Zurich, Switzerland

In September 2021, a rare painting by Jean-Paul Jérôme was repatriated to Montreal.

Signed “Jérôme 12/6/57 Paris”, the 100 x 75 cm painting is a remnant of Jérôme’s production during his stay in Paris from 1956 to 1958.

His 1957 works were exhibited at the Galerie Arnaud in Paris in 1957.

Very few of Jérôme’s works made the return trip from Paris to Montreal in November 1958.

During his stay in Paris, through the Denise René and Arnaud galleries, he gets up close with Hartung, Giacometti, Herbin, Vasarelly, Mortensen, Poliakoff, Martin Barré, Gilioli, Dewasne, Jean Atlan, Magnelli and Richard Lohse, all of whom were great masters of form and color. He also frequented Hartung’s studio, which man and his work would have an impact on Jérôme’s creative path.