Abstract art in Canada owes its existence to some important painters who, with Prisme d’Yeux (1942), Refus global (1948) and Le Manifeste des Plasticiens (1955) punctuated its birth and ensured its roots, painters whose creation is so rich that it must be highlighted both nationally and internationally.

Thanks to their innovative work, these creators paved the way for a large number of painters of subsequent generations who were able, and who can still today, to take their turn and pursue, in the same stride, a journey which their own.

Jean-Paul Jérôme (1928 – 2004), co-founder and signatory of the Plasticiens Manifesto, is one of these great inspirers.


Jean-Paul Jérôme has mandated administrators of his work to ensure that, over the years, his work is disseminated nationally and internationally and thus preserve and increase the impact it has known to date, all with amateurs as well as those for whom it is an object of reflection and inspiration.

Under the direction of Robert Jérôme, president and assign of Jean-Paul Jérôme, Jérôme Art International wants to be a living memory of the artist following his death in 2004; supported by many collaborators, Jérôme Art International is a historical reference and aims to inform and make discover the work and the passionate life of Jean-Paul Jérôme; through this website and the organization of documentary films, exhibitions, discussion and creation workshops, film conferences, publications, special projects, all related to the work and life of Jean-Paul Jérôme.