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La Dame en noir, 1953

This work was painted in the basement of the Jérôme family home and exhibited in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ Gallery XII in 1954. Image

Paintings executed in Paris, 1956–1958

Jean-Paul Jérôme produced hundreds of works during this extended stay in Paris. Paintings from that time—a number of which were exhibited at Galerie Arnaud in 1957—are in the hands of collectors. Image

Le Jardin de la licorne, 1972

This large triptych (comprising three paintings of 51 1/8 x 38 1/8 in. each and measuring in total 9 ft. 6½ in. x 3 ft. 2 1/8 in.) was shown in the Montréal gallery Kieff Grediaga at  3460A Park Avenue in the mid-1970s, along with sculptures by the artist Kiev. Image

Série de New-York, exposition de 1985

Jean-Paul Jérôme executed a series of paintings that were exhibited at New York’s Corinthian Gallery and represented by John Hethalis. The canvases shown comprised paintings from 1980–1981 to 1984, including the major 1981 work entitled L’abbaye ombragée, which measured 51 1/8 x 63¾ in. Image