2005 – Intuited Intuition

A documentary film directed by André Desrochers and produced by Dauphin Aventureux

The film is a look at the original Plasticien painters of Montréal, who in 2005 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the 1955 publication of their Manifeste des Plasticiens, the manifesto of a movement that marked the history of art in Canada.

Jean-Paul Jérôme, Fernand Toupin and Louis Belzile were filmed providing accounts of their experiences during what proved to be their last meeting as a group.

Unlike Toupin and Belzile, Jean-Paul Jérôme was not able to be interviewed individually for the film, as he died the week it was scheduled to be shot. He had, however, let the director know he would finish the painting he had underway on camera, and took care to sign that final work and entitle it L’ivresse de la vie [The Ecstasy of Life]. It was left, unfinished, on his work table.

The film was an Official Selection of the competition at the 2006 Montréal International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA).

Numerous screenings have followed, including at the Festival International du Film Francophone in Namur, Belgium and the Semaine des arts, and the film toured along with the exhibition The Plasticiens and Beyond: Montreal, 1955–1970 to museums and galleries in Québec City, Toronto, Vancouver and New York.

To obtain a copy of the film or arrange a screening presented by its director, André Desrochers, please contact dauphina@videotron.ca

Trailer for the film

DVD Cover