2021 – Jean-Paul Jérôme : Colour, Light, Form: The film in music and images

Following the warm interest of the public for the documentary film Jean-Paul Jérôme: Colour, Light, Form, here is the link to enjoy the version “The film in music and images”.

The film Jean-Paul Jérôme: Colour, Light, Form was retained in the Official Selection of the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA 2018) and presented in world premiere on March 16, 2018. Since its broadcast was in various museums, cultural centers, galleries, universities, the online platform Arts.Film of the FIFA (lefifa.com) and the CBC art channel iciARTV.

Produced by Jérôme Art International in 2021, we unveil on December 17 2021 the  access to this visual project of Jean-Paul Jérôme’s work and the musical soundtrack created by composer Jérôme Langlois (jeromelanglois.net), including a video where he plays the theme of the film entitled “La lumière” in the studio and also a “making of” sequence during the recording of Gabrielle Vézina, the film’s alto-soprano vocalist .

The link “The film in music and images”

The project as seen by Jérôme Langlois, composer and musician

Robert Jérôme, the film’s executive producer, nephew and heir of Jean-Paul Jérôme, invited me to compose the music for a documentary film he was producing about his uncle the painter-sculptor Jean-Paul Jérôme (www.jeanpauljerome.com). The film was recognized by being included in the Official Selection of the 2018 International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA 2018).

It was an extraordinary experience for me where I was able to collaborate with the very inspiring film director André Desrochers. In fact, before starting this collaboration, André invited me to the final concert of the Master Degree of the singer Gabrielle Vézina (https://www.facebook.com/chantvezina), in view of a possible collaboration for the interpretation of vocalizations in the music of the film. I was impressed by Gabrielle and I hastened to accept this collaboration, a decision supported by Robert Jérôme who wished to optimize the musical quality of the film to enrich the visual content of his documentary film.

 I had a great pleasure in creating and writing the vocal scores for Gabrielle, which she interpreted with great mastery and sensitivity, expressing with intensity the emotions and beauty that had been inspired by the life and the paintings of Jean-Paul Jérôme: His life dedicated with passion to his creation encompasses an immense variety of periods illustrating his exceptional journey of more than 60 years of continuous production.

This enriching experience inspired me to produce a digital album of the film music. When I announced this digital album project to Robert Jérôme, he replied: “We should also produce an adaptation of the film, without the dialogue, to create the film in music and images!”

So here is “Jean-Paul Jérôme: Colour, Light, Form… in Music and Images”, also including a “making of” sequence filmed in the studio during the recording of Gabrielle Vézina, as well as a video where I play in the studio  the theme of the film entitled “La Lumière”.                                                         

The link of the performance on You Tube is https://youtu.be/thFcBqu_4uI

If you want to get the recordings, they are available exclusively on my website at https://jeromelanglois.net/album/1923668/jean-paul-jerome-la-couleur-la-lumiere-la-forme-musique-du-film

Good viewing and good listening!
Jérôme Langlois, December 2021

List of musical pieces

1. Ouverture
2. Le choc de Van Gogh
3. Le sacré dans l’art
4. La Gaspésie
5. La vie à Paris
6. Exposition à Paris
7. Les labours de Saint-Roch
8. Les encres
9. L’éclatement de la couleur
10A-10B. La précision de la technique
11. Les oeuvres géométriques
12. Dyptique musical : La dernière oeuvre
13. Hommage à Jean-Paul Jérôme
14. La lumière (version studio)
15. Ouverture (version studio)
16. Générique de fin

End credits

See the credits of ” Jean-Paul Jérôme : Colour, light, form / The film in music and images “. PDF